Living in the Present

Carpe diem. If I were a bumper sticker kind of girl that’s exactly the phrase I’d have plastered on my car or printed on a t-shirt. Now I wasn’t always someone who let things easily roll off or had a “seize the day” kind of mentality. In fact, I was always more of a planner, a perfectionist and to be honest, a little bit neurotic. If things didn’t go according to plan, there was frustration followed by disappointment and sometimes even utter annoyance. It was at no fault but my own and this compulsive need to always stick to the plan really took a lot of joy out of whatever it was I was doing. Instead of taking in the experience and enjoying the moment I was more concerned and hypersensitive to whether or not everything was happening as it should be. A real party pooper I was.

However, that all changed when I became a mother. I quickly discovered that much of my daily plans weren’t going to go according to plan and I had no choice but to embrace the chaos. Life was going to become way more unpredictable, a whole lot messier but above all, a lot more enjoyable. Addison has taught both my husband and I that life is short. Things are happening faster than ever and if we don’t start living in the present we’ll find ourselves with no time left to enjoy all that life has to offer.

With Addison growing up literally before my eyes and reaching new milestones just over night, I’ve really learned to take it one day at a time and not wish or rush a single day by. So what if it’s a yucky, cold and rainy day. We’ll keep on our pajamas all day, snuggle and watch the rain out the window. So what if you spit up all over the outfit I just put you in. We’ll just grab something else to wear and save that outfit for another day. So what if we’re running a little late and can’t seem to get anywhere on time. We’ll show up and make a grand entrance. See life’s simple pleasures are easily over looked when you spend all your time planning and perfecting. Embrace the chaos, let go of the script and live in the present.

This past weekend we had 70 degree temperatures and not a single plan. My sweet husband happily obliged to get dressed up, bring the camera and snap a few family photos on the beach. Love these spontaneous little adventures with my fam!

Happy Wednesday my friends!



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