The Audrey Rose Workshop Experience

This time last week I was attending the Audrey Rose Workshop. As an admirer of many talented photographers and creatives within the wedding industry, I was so excited to see that one of my favorite photographers in the area was going to be hosting her first ever workshop. I had been following her work for months and had fallen in love with her bright, crisp and timeless images! She has such an effortless way about her photos that I admire so much. Without question I knew I had to grab a seat and take full of advantage of this opportunity to learn from the best. So Wednesday morning I grabbed my camera, gave kisses and hugs to my little Addison and my amazingly supportive hubby who took the day off to be on daddy duty and headed to Norfolk for a 12-hour day packed full of content, all things wedding and business related!

We dove in right away covering everything from lighting to posing and composition. Audrey went into great detail covering everything on a wedding day and how to best be prepared in any given situation! My favorite part of the day was when we headed to The Historic Post Office for the styled shoot. So many amazing vendors came together to create a beautiful wedding styled shoot that I’m still so giddy just thinking about! We finished up the day with a lot more content geared more towards the business side of things. Audrey answered every question along the way and had no reservations sharing her secrets and giving us all the tips and tricks to help further our businesses!

There were so many takeaways from this experience that I know will help better me as a photographer and a business owner. I am so grateful to have been a part of this workshop and to have had the opportunity to learn along side so many other talented women in this industry! I’ve shared some behind the scenes photos from the workshop courtesy of Audrey’s sweet friend,  Corrin!

One last note, if you’re wishing you could have had this opportunity, you’re in luck! Audrey has just announced she will be hosting her next workshop in August. Click here to register!

Did I forget to mention there were two special guests at the workshop? Introducing Charlotte and Henry 🙂

 I loved that Audrey hosted in the workshop in her home. It was such a relaxed setting and really made the experience very personal.

There were so many beautiful details to photograph but the best part was the “bride” and “groom” who are really married and really sweet! I can’t wait to share my photos of the happy couple! 🙂

Audrey also invited us onto her porch to get some updated headshots! Yay!!


Well there you have it, The Audrey Rose Workshop! So happy to have been an attendee and I can’t wait to start implementing everything I learned into my own little business!

Happy Wednesday y’all!



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