Cait + Shawn | First Landing State Park Maternity Session

I can’t even explain how tough it’s been to keep all these images to myself the past 2 weeks! Now if this couple looks familiar to you, you might have seen a few sneak peaks I posted on Instagram but I had mentioned that this gallery had to wait a little longer to be shared with my clients and with you!! That’s because a sweet friend of Cait’s requested that she wait to see her full gallery unit her baby shower! What a special idea!!

Now originally I remember receiving an email from Cait and Shawn explaining that they were planning a little weekend getaway down in Virginia Beach and wanted to do their session while they were in town. When we finally met up, they explained that they just made a day trip specifically for their session! From Winchester, down and back, is about 4 hours each way…all just for a session with me! As you may not realize, I’ve only begun this business venture less than a year ago. To connect with a new couple through social media and have them make special travel plans to book a session with me is an absolute honor.

Well God surely graced this couple with perfect weather. A maternity session in the middle of summer can be a risky move but with temps in the low 80’s and clear skies, it was the perfect day! With each frame I took, I couldn’t help but exclaim how excited I was! I’m sure Cait and Shawn got a good laugh with me saying, “OH MY GOODNESS”, “YOU’RE STUNNING”, “AHHH THIS LIGHT”, over and over again! I just couldn’t help myself! Well I won’t keep you waiting any longer. Check out this gorgeous couple for yourself!

Cait and Shawn are expecting their first little one in September! They are going to be such wonderful parents! Wishing you all the best, you two!!

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