Ashley + Chris | Pleasure House Point Maternity Session

As I scroll back through these images I can hear a country love song playing in my head. You know the one where the girl falls in love with a boy, they get married, have babies and build a beautiful life together? Well I couldn’t be happier that this sweet friend of mine has found exactly that. There is such a powerful bond between Ashley and Chris that you can’t help but notice when you’re around them. It’s not a bold, loud and obvious kind of love but rather a love that is effortless, quiet, and understated. The way she smiles up at him and the way he gently wisps her hair behind her ear, it’s subtle gestures that show the kind of love they share for one another.

I absolutely loved my time with these two on a chilly December morning at Pleasure House Point. They are just a couple weeks shy of their baby boy’s due date and Ashley has never looked more radiant. Just start scrolling down and you’ll know exactly what I mean!! It is so fun asking first-time parents what they are looking forward to most. Chris responded with looking forward to holding his baby boy in his arms. How sweet!! I cannot wait for Ashley and Chris to experience all the joys of parenthood and pray for a safe and speedy delivery for sweet Austin Keats! Now enough of my rambling, hope you enjoy viewing some of my absolute favorites from this lovely maternity session!

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