Sarah + Lee | Westfields Golf Club Wedding

The first word that comes to mind when reflecting back on Sarah and Lee’s wedding is JOY! There were smiles, laughter and happy tears from start to finish. A culmination of excitement, high energy and great music made for the most fun reception ever! I’ve seen in a lot of weddings the bride and groom are absent from the dance floor because they are busy making their rounds to see all their guests. However, thanks to a lively and energetic group of family and friends, Sarah and Lee were smack dab in the middle of the dance floor the entire night! I loved seeing even their grandparents breaking out the moves and enjoying themselves!

I knew it was going to be an amazing day from the minute I walked into Sarah’s hotel suite where her and all her girls were getting ready. I’m going to be honest and say it’s always slightly intimidating walking into a room full of girls whom you’ve never met but know you’re going to spend the entire day with! Well Sarah’s beautiful bride tribe couldn’t have been more welcoming. I was greeted with such kindness it honestly felt like I was one of the bridesmaids!! I had the same reaction when I first saw Lee that day and met his wonderful group of guys. I can only image how hot it must be wearing a dark suit on a 90 degree day but these guys were great sports the entire day! They say you are the company you keep so I can certainly say Sarah and Lee are absolute gems!

It can be redundant listening to multiple speeches and toasts given at every wedding but I really do intentionally try to listen to each one to better understand my couples and how they’ve impacted other people in their lives. There are usually a few jabs or embarrassing stories given, some sweet sentiments and words of affirmation but the one thing I heard repeatedly throughout the evening was how grateful Lee’s family and friends are that he found Sarah, and how Sarah’s family and friends are so grateful she found Lee. They truly are the perfect match. They’re so kind, positive, easy-going and compassionate people and I am also grateful they found each other and allowed me to be a part of their most important day. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Doubleday!!

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