Leah + Chris | The Ospreys at Belmont Bay Wedding

I did something I had never done before immediately following Leah and Chris’s wedding day. Once the night was over, and after I had packed all my things in the car, I took my phone out and jotted down some notes. Why you ask? I didn’t want to forget a single detail from this day. There were so many memorable and unique moments that I felt compelled to remember and share as part of Leah and Chris’s wedding blog post. These two have a heart of gold and that is apparent to each and every family member, friend and guest that shared in this special day with them. Leah loves fiercely and without hesitation. The tears were flowing even from the start of the day as the girls were finishing up their hair and makeup. The thought of Leah being just a few hours away from seeing her groom, she couldn’t help but get emotional and her girls were right there with her with tears in their eyes.

My absolute favorite part of the whole day was the ceremony. Watching Leah walk down the aisle with her eyes fixed on Chris, and a permeant smile on Chris’s face as he watched Leah walking towards him, was a beautiful moment. With the sun brightly shining down on them, their faces said it all. Pure joy. Their eyes were locked in each other’s throughout the whole ceremony and what really got my eyes misting was listening to their vows. I’ve never seen a couple more intently listening to the words their partner was reading to them. They each were fully immersed in this moment as if they were the only ones there as they professed their love to each other. The words were powerful, direct and personal, and really helped paint the picture of what their love means to the other. It truly was a ceremony I will never forget.

Another favorite moment was listening to the toasts following dinner. Leah’s sister, father and Chris’s best friend, all gave some very impressive toasts. They did such a wonderful job speaking on behalf of Leah and Chris to give us more insight into their relationship, their upbringing and their future aspirations. Leah and Chris are both pursing medical degrees (and yes, even while planning a wedding!). I am not surprised these two are going to be doctors. They’re so driven, compassionate, selfless, and thoughtful. I especially loved and appreciate the fact that they took time during the reception to give a special birthday shoutout to one of the bridesmaids. They are such a perfect pair and it’s hard not to be in awe of the way they love one another.

I am so excited for Leah and Chris to start this new chapter of life together! Together they are a force to be reckoned with and I know their future will be beautiful and bright! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Somerville!

Venue | The Ospreys at Belmont Bay

Caterer | Hemibry- The Catering Company

Florist | A. Morgan Event Floral

DJ | Kevin Graham

Desserts | Sweet Reasons

A special thanks to my wonderful second shooter, Kirby

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