Quinn Taylor | Newborn

Last weekend, I was giddy with excitement as I made my way over to Samantha and Nick’s home. I was finally getting to meet their 4 week old baby girl, Quinn. While driving in the car, I was thinking about how far back my friendship with Sam goes and how crazy it is that we both now have babies! I have known Sam for over 8 years now. We lived on the same hall our freshman year of college and eventually became roommates during the year we completed the Master of Arts in Teaching program. We have literally watched each other go through so many transitions and been by one another’s sides through some of the biggest milestones in our lives, from college kids to young adults, students to teachers, girlfriends to wives and now mothers.

It has been so amazing to see Samantha and Nick build a life together and so gracefully enter into parenthood as they welcomed their beautiful baby girl into this world. She was just the sweetest, alert and most content little thing! I literally could have photographed this sweet family all day. We laughed, shared hospital stories, and empathized with one another on some of the challenges we’ve both faced since becoming parents.

Quinn was happiest when in her mommy or daddy’s arms and easily soothed when offered a bottle. A few times she looked right at the camera…although it made her very cross-eyed and she made the funniest little faces you couldn’t help but laugh! I look forward to watching Addison and Quinn become the best of friends just like their mommies. Interestingly enough, there is another college roommate/sorority sister/teacher and future mommy who will be featured on the blog later this week. Another bestie for Addison and Quinn that I am just so excited to meet!

Now what you’ve been waiting for! Enjoy some of the sweetest moments of Sam, Nick and little Miss Quinn Taylor!

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