About Me

I’m a saltwater, sun-kissed, sandy toed girl who fell in love with an adventurous, outdoor-loving, mountain boy. I’ll order a glass of white wine and he’ll order red. I’ll go for a nap and he’ll go for a run. We’ll both want pizza and not want to do the dishes.

It didn’t take but one first date to realize we were soulmates. Now 8 years later we’re married and parents to our sweetest little Addison Shay and Grey Owens. They light up our world and fill our hearts with an indescribable love.

Now you ask, “Why photography?” I believe there are moments in life worth saving. Moments you want to relive over and over. A simple photo can capture thoughts, feelings, sights, sounds and smells.  It can bring you back to that very moment that made you laugh, cry, or smile. That moment you felt alive.

I’m not simply taking a picture. I’m documenting. I’m preserving.

Allow me to help tell your story.